Just a quick blast here. Generally speaking, I go out of my way to skip the negative stories about NFL players. They’re covered enormously and erroneously enough elsewhere, and I simply don’t have the facts in most cases.  Today, however, I feel I do have sufficient facts and evidence to draw an absolutely correct conclusion. That conclusion? You suck, Albert Haynesworth.

Haynesworth signed one of the largest contracts in sports history a little over a year ago to play football for the Washington Redskins franchise. Since I’m not one to mess with other people’s money too readily, let’s just say this: he’s making a LOT. Compared to almost everybody, including the millionaires in his own profession. He came to camp only after having raised a stink of monumental proportions about playing a position for which he is perfectly suited, and cashing a rather substantial ($20M) bonus check. Now we find out he can’t pass a conditioning test that his entire unit passed easily.  I have no problem with him taking the check, by the way. It was in the deal. Fine. But here’s my problem, though it certainly affects me no more than as a disappointed fan: Mike Golic can apparently pass the test. So can one of the guys over at PFT. You are supposed to be in shape to play football. So, really, what’s the problem here?

Now, maybe that knee is really bothering him. But we’re not hearing much of it. Regardless, I love the NFL in part because it is so demanding that nobody but the ultra-athletically-gifted can hope to merely skate by. Toughness, both mental and physical, is at a premium. There are many stories of guys that work their souls to the bone just to get a chance to maybe cover a kick or two for a 1-15 team. The league is full of professional, hard-working, dedicated men. So, I’ll admit it: It just grinds my gears that a guy like Haynesworth can show up and mail it in and still be effective, conditioning test or not. Whatever else you think of him, he certainly appears to take the game and his gifts completely for granted.  It makes me want to boo him.

So congratulations, Albert Haynesworth! You’ve just won the prestigious Steaming Turd of the Week Award!

Hey, Albert? This One's For You, Buddy.

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  1. Tim Lambert

    Steaming turd, dude? Did you just use prestigious and “steaming turd in the same sentence???? wow….