The first Sunday of the NFL season is one of the greatest days of the year in terms of anticipation. Often, though, teams are still feeling their way around out there during the first week. Nobody has tape on anybody, some guys aren’t quite in game shape for one reason or another, and first-game jitters seem to generally hamper execution. That was certainly the case this weekend as several highly-anticipated matchups produced somewhat puzzling results. But it’s still NFL football, and it remains the best game around. Let’s take a spin around the league. Feel free to refer back to my weekly predictions for mockery fodder.

SAINTS 14, VIKINGS 9: There’s not one of you who isn’t thinking it: Brett Favre looked old. Or maybe just tired. Or was it worse- old and tired? Either that, or the

Favre looked like he'd rather be on his keester in Hattiesburg.

defending World Champs are a little tougher to just show up and defeat than the Browns and Lions of the world, against whom the Vikings opened last year. Either way, Sidney Rice’s absence is a big problem, Percy Harvin didn’t look right, and Brad Childress is apparently dead set on pushing the stupidity envelope (more on this in tomorrow’s Fantasy Sickness roundup. LOTS more.). The Saints started off hot, then fizzled out, but managed to pound out a victory the old fashioned way- ground game and defense (what do you know? It still works).

BUCS 17, BROWNS 14: Well, I was right for almost the entire first half. The Browns were rolling the Bucs, and going in for what would’ve been a dagger third touchdown and a 21-3 halftime lead. Then Jake Delhomme threw at Ronde Barber from his back and Peyton Hillis did his Adrian Peterson 2009 NFC Title Game impression, and the Bucs had themselves a nice little opening day victory. Sidenote: the Bucs got themselves a good one in Mike Williams.

DOLPHINS 15, BILLS 10: Not sure what to make of any of this game. Let’s just chalk it up to weird first week stuff and just move on.

PATRIOTS 38, BENGALS 24: If your goal is to beat the New England Patriots, you might want to consider not going down by four touchdowns. Just a thought. Here’s another: Wes Welker is incredible. Two touchdowns coming back from that knee injury in almost no time. Here’s to modern medicine, eh Pats fans?

TEXANS 34, COLTS 24: Well, well, well! Look who grew a little chest hair this offseason. The Texans scored 34 points and Matt Schaub barely eclipsed 100 yards in the air. Peyton threw for all kinds of yards, but Houston was in control most of the game. I’m duly impressed. The BoneCrusher: gridiron prophet.

JAGUARS 24, BRONCOS 17: Went almost exactly as I thought it would. Nothing particularly impressive from either team, Jags did just enough to win on a couple of TD catches by Long Beach Poly product and former Bruin Marcedes Lewis.

STEELERS 15, FALCONS 9: The Pittsburgh Steelers, ladies and gentlemen. They just know how to win.

TITANS 38, RAIDERS 13: Chris Johnson certainly looks like a guy who might be able to do it again, doesn’t he? Has he even used full speed yet? Meanwhile, the Raiders couldn’t protect Jason Campbell and he couldn’t read the blitz. Maybe it’s the jersey?

GIANTS 31, PANTHERS 18: Hey, remember when I told you that the Giants were now a passing team behind Eli Manning no matter what they said about a rededication to the running game?  I need to start charging for this stuff.

BEARS 19, LIONS 14: After further review, that’s a freaking touchdown. I know it’s not, under the present iteration of the rule. And yes, he should’ve cradled it. But that rule needs to change. Here’s why: If a running back carelessly reaches a ball over the goal line and the ground knocks it out, it’s not a fumble. In fact, it’s a touchdown. But, if a receiver catches the ball, lands on two feet (separately), effectively sits down on his butt in the end zone, puts the ball on the ground and lets go, it’s an incomplete pass. Inconsistency, thy name is the NFL rule book.

Megatron caught this, took two steps, sat down, and put the ball down. Incomplete.

CARDINALS 17, RAMS 13: The Rams apparently intend to get their money’s worth out of Sam Bradford one way or another, as the rookie dropped back to throw 55 times in his debut. Hey, no time like the present, right Spags? The Cardinals did just enough to win, but if you’re the Cardinals and you struggle to beat the Rams after where you’ve been recently, you’ve got to be gripping the wheel a little more tightly this morning. Hang on to those hats and glasses, Cards fans. Mr. Anderson’s Wild Ride can get bumpy.

PACKERS 27, EAGLES 20: Another expected shootout that somewhat disappointed me. The Packers offense never looked as smooth and in sync as it did all preseason, and Ryan Grant went down with an ugly injury. But the Packers have to be rejoicing that they’re not the Eagles. Kolb looked overmatched before going down with a concussion. They lost valuable fullback Leonard Weaver to a leg injury that came with a replay of Theismanesque ugliness. They lost their starting center indefinitely. Their starting middle backer, Stewart Bradley, also concussed. Horrible Sunday for the Eagles, and it may get worse, because the bright spot was Michael Vick’s ability to move the team. You know what that means in the city of the patient sports fan.

SEAHAWKS 31, 49ERS 6: Pete Carroll wins his debut in go-away style in front of a 12th Man that couldn’t get enough of the attack. Very impressed, Seattle. On the other hand, Alex Smith looked just awful. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn yesterday. It’s week 1, so I’m not yet moving my needle on any of these teams, but the Niners and Hawks gave me plenty of reasons to revisit my preseason impressions of them.

REDSKINS 13, COWBOYS 7: Garrett, Romo and Tashard all get blamed for a horrible CHOICE at the end of the first half that allowed DeAngelo Hall (of all people) to take a football right out of their hands and to the house for the game-winning touchdown. Just an awful job all the way around by the cowboys. On the other hand, Dez Bryant is going to be awesome. So they’ve got that going for them. Which is nice. I was impressed with the ‘Skins progression in the 3-4. Brian Orakpo is a monster and they’ve finally figured out that LaRon Landry is their playmaker. But, like I wrote last week, I’m not surprised the Cowboys started slow.

Only a few hours until opening weekend concludes with a brilliant doubleheader- the Ravens and Jets in Hitfest 2010, and an AFC West showdown between the Chiefs and Chargers. Good times. Enjoy, everybody, and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

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