…this weekend with a tasty drink and a ton of football, I had a some random thoughts. Not all are available for print. See if you can follow along…

Brett Favre must be from the Dominican because he looks about 60, not 40. Does anyone have his birth certificate?

Michael Vick may not be Superman, but he’s something more than just a man.

Darrelle Revis needs to go back to his island until he is healthy.

The Tide looks like it should keep rolling for quite some time.

Alabama is loaded and may not lose next year either.

For a little while, Minnesota looked like USC and vice versa. Hard to tell the difference.

SEC, Pac-10, Big Ten, one, two, three.

Brian Kelly should be happy to know that Charlie Weis didn’t win with his players either. Somewhere Tyrone is laughing.

If Matt Leinart couldn’t beat out Derek Anderson…

If Trent Edwards was still at Stanford, he’d be the backup to Andrew Luck.

How ‘bout them Cowboys!

Jason Campbell is well on his way to getting another coach fired. He’s the classic good from afar, but far from good.

Don’t look now Giants fans, but the Colts just scored again… and here comes CJ2K.

Don’t bet on UCLA games unless you have money to burn.

Oregon has given up 13 points in 3 games. They score that in 5 plays.

The worst team in college football is the Buffalo Bills. Close 2nd are the Cleveland Browns. Wonder if this gets by the goalie… (Editor’s note: Sure. You’re going to be wrong sometimes. Not my problem.)

Is Reggie Bush a former Heisman trophy winner, or former Heisman trophy holder?

Denard Robinson cannot be stopped. Too bad Michigan’s defense cannot stop anyone.

That is all.

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