For the third week in a row, we have a new #1 team, the Oregon Ducks, thanks to the Wisconsin Badgers. Wisconsin defended their home turf, and served notice to the rest of the conference that the loss to Michigan State will not define their season. What a 4-week run for them, having to go through MSU, Ohio State, and Iowa. I’d like to welcome the Texas Longhorns to the college football season. They were all but left for dead this year, but out of nowhere they shut down the Nebraska running game.  I thought Nebraka’s run game would eventually get on track, but Texas stuck to their gameplan, and the Huskers just made too many mistakes. The Heisman picture got a bit clearer this week with another sub-par performance from Denard Robinson and the Buckeyes losing. Cam Newton continued his assault on SEC defenses, putting up 65 points on Arkansas. Beautiful Chaos, otherwise known as the college football regular season.

Let the debate begin.

DeMarco Murray and the Sooners top the initial BCS rankings.

The initial BCS rankings came out on Sunday night. Oklahoma came in at #1, followed by Oregon, Boise State, Auburn, and TCU to round out the top 5. Oklahoma clearly got some love from the computers based on beating Texas (who beat Nebraska, who beat K-State) (EDITOR’S NOTE: …who beat UCLA, who beat Texas handily, but lost 35-0 to Stanford, who lost by 2 TD’s to Oregon …) and Florida State (who beat Miami), two teams in the BCS top 25. Following me? If not, don’t worry. There’s still a lot of football to be played, and there will no doubt still be a lot of shuffling. Only once in 12 years have the initial top 2 teams made it to the title game (’05 USC v Texas); but you don’t want to be too far down, as no one outside the top 12 has made it in either. Alabama, Auburn, and LSU all still have to play each other. TCU and Utah have a meeting in a few weeks. My initial reaction is that Oregon, Boise and Alabama are positioned perfectly.

Sickness Approved

Bucky Badger. When you play a game at home against the top- ranked team in the country, a good start is needed to get the crowd in the game. The Badgers obliged, taking the opening kickoff  97 yards to the house. From there, they just physically dominated the Buckeyes, rolling to a 31-18 win. John Clay again went over 100 yards, and freshman James White got 75 more. I hope they enjoyed it, because this week holds a trip to Iowa City to play the Hawkeyes.

Steve Sarkisian. In this last week’s preview, I mentioned that the Oregon State/Washington game was a prime spot for an upset. What a job Sark is doing at Washington. Their team in not as talented as the rest of the Pac-10. Nonetheless, he has gotten two huge wins against USC and now Oregon State. They got out to a 21-0 lead, and then, even when faced with the comeback from the Beavers, stayed strong and stopped the two-point conversion for a 35-34 OT victory. Just another boring game in the Pac-10.

Tyler Wilson. When he woke up Saturday morning, I’m sure Tyler Wilson was figuring on finding a prime spot on the sidelines to watch his Razorbacks take on the Auburn Tigers. Little did he know that his role would be much more important than that. After Ryan Mallett suffered a concussion, Wilson came in and lit up the Auburn defense. His numbers: 25/34 332 4 TDs. Great job in relief, even though they weren’t able to keep up pace with the explosive Tigers. Coming into the game, I thought turnovers would be the defining factor, and they were.The Razorbacks turned it over 3 times, Auburn 0. The silver lining: I guess Petrino has his QB of the future. Top 10 (BCS ranking in parentheses)

1(2). Oregon 6-0 Bye

2(3). Boise St 6-0 Scrimmage against San Jose St went as expected

3(1). Oklahoma 6-0 Took care of Cyclones. Undefeated Missouri is next.

4(5). TCU 7-0 Another week, another win.

5(4). Auburn 7-0 Have I mentioned that I love Cam Newton?

6(8). Alabama 6-1 Need to get that running game back on track.

7(6). LSU 7-0 Huge battle at Auburn this week.

8(9). Utah 6-0 3 more weeks to TCU.

9(7). Michigan St 7-0 Slow start in Champagne, but still owned the game.

10(10). Ohio St 6-1 Where was the defense Saturday?

Heisman Top 5

  1. LaMichael James, RB, Ore
  2. Cam Newton, QB, AUB
  3. Kellen Moore, QB, BSU
  4. DeMarco Murray, RB, OU
  5. Matt Barkley, QB, USC

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  1. Good read, who wants it is right on. Look out for Auburn in my opinion. I also love Oregon.