When you play in a division against the New England Patriots and New York Jets, it is incumbent upon you to be getting your draft on.  Because if you don’t, those teams are going to render you irrelevant, and fast.  They keep loading up, and so must you.  There have been some hits and misses, but the misses right now loom larger…particularly at quarterback.  The Pat White/Chad Henne era appears thus far to be leaving quite a bit of room for improvement, and that may be exactly what the Dolphins see fit to do.  On the other hand, maybe they’ll let Henne play it out one more year and see if he can’t create better chemistry with Brandon Marshall and friends.  On the defensive side of the ball, they added some solid pieces last year, most notably Koa Misi (Sack Machine Cameron Wake was a free agent addition).  But they need to keep adding to the D if they’re going to make any noise in a such a tough division.  We asked friend of the Sickness and huge Dolphins fan Bob Butterfield of All Purpose Roto to talk a little ‘Fins draft with us.  Follow Bob & his partner in crime Chris @AllPurposeRoto on Twitter.

To replace or not to replace? That is the question.


Q:  First, let’s get the 9 million pound gorilla out in the open. Characterize the quarterback need in Miami, and tell us what you sense they may do to address it?

A: Quarterback is a need for the Dolphins but lacking a second round pick, and clear rookie candidates that would provide significant upgrade to Henne they should not Target a QB other than a 5,6 or 7 th round developmental project.  If the team was stronger with less needs I could see them working some deals to get a sexy pick at QB, but they have holes.  Additionally, Henne has tools and abilities bit did regress in  2010. A key strategy in 2011 will be his coaching, and how well the Dolphin Management can ensure the Brandon Marshall ego does not negatively impact Chad’s performance on the field.


Q:  Other than QB, what is the one position they absolutely must address in the first 3 rounds?

A: Operating in a vacum of no free agency, it would have to be RB . However, free agency in some form will return and a quality veteran RB can be found.  Additionally in the draft there are several scheme RB ‘s available in later rounds 4-6. That said I believe the most crucial pick up for the Dolphins is a superior RT or outstanding RG that can play other spots on the line. The depth at OL is poor and our right side is not on par with performance needed.

Q:  Who is your favorite late round guy that you think would be a perfect fit?

A: Late round Target I like is Adam Froman.  He is mature, smart, has the physical tools and with coaching at worst case can become a good number two, if not a starter in a few years.  He is perfect because we work to find a future franchise QB by getting him, yet it does not upset Henne’s psyche.


Q:  What veteran starter do you think is in jeopardy of losing his job to a draft pick?

A: Channing Crowded can’t stay on the field and is at best marginal.  I expect a LB in round 3,4 or 5 will start to cut into his time ASAP.  Obvious R Brown but planning on him.gone.

Q:  What would a good 2011 Dolphins draft look like, in your opinion?

A:  A good fin draft is where we first don’t mortgage next years draft for something we think is a super value this year.  We should pick up a talented OL for the right side early and a prospect OL in a later round.  We should add a flex, 3rd down, situation RB, a tough slot wr to be the #2 guy allowing Bess to be #3, which is his best fit. Lastly a good LB and a prospect QB.  If we can trade down in one and get a late two or extra three we should do it.


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