What will they do at #1? That’s not the only question. We asked Justin Davis, Panthers fan and media mogul Justin Davis his thoughts on his squad, and he came through with the late assist. I think they should go Dareus; I hear they’re going Cam. What does Justin think? Follow him @jersymikejr on Twitter.

And here we go.


Q:  So…we’re hearing it’s Cam Newton. Is it really? Do you agree with that decision?

A:  Yes and no. I think you’re damned if you do amd damned if you don’t. Personally I’d like Patrick Peterson, because in this league now every team needs a “Revis” now.


Q:  A team doesn’t have the #1 pick without having some holes to fill…but I think the Panthers actually have more to work with than their 2010 record might indicate.  Do you agree?  Besides QB, what position must they absolutely address in the first 3 rounds?

A: Absolutely. The defense played great just the offense couldn’t sustain many drives or capitalize on opportunities. Besides QB WR and DL are areas of need IMO.

Q:  Who is the late round guy you like and think is a perfect fit?

A: A late round guy I like is Marvin Austin. I think he’s learned from his mistakes. He’s a great DT who will help our LB core a lot.


Q:  Your new offensive coordinator, Rob Chudzinski, is a TE guy. Do the Panthers have a dynamic TE of the future on their roster? If not, could you see them take Kyle Rudolph with their 2nd rounder if he’s there?

A: Yes Chud is a TE guy but I believe he can work with our current core of Shockey, Barndage and Rosario so I don’t see us drafting a TE.


Q:  What does a good overall 2011 Panthers draft look like?

A:  A good 2011 Panthers draft has our depth at OL, DL and a franchise QB addressed.


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