2011 College Football Bold Predictions



It’s time for another college football season, and I’m hyped. Nothing is better than the next 14 Super Saturdays, an uncountable number of wings, ribs, tri-tips, and of course beverages. Before we get to those festivities, I give you my predictions for the season. This is for entertainment purposes only, of course, so if you lose your house, your shirt, and your spouse, that’s on you.

Who will hoist it? Find out January 9.


BCS National Championship

Oklahoma (Big12) vs. Boise State (MWC)

There are about 5 teams that have a chance to be in the title January 9th. In fact, there were 5 different teams written in before I settled on this matchup. Kellen Moore is on a mission, this season, to finally make an undefeated season stand up. Oklahoma just has too much talent to lose in the Big 12, or to anyone for that matter, and will make their last season in the conference, a memorable one. This may be the kiss of death, though. I did pick Oklahoma to beat Alabama last year, and neither one made it to the title game.


BCS Bowl Games

Rose Bowl: Oregon (Pac12) v Wisconsin (Big10)

Sugar Bowl: Alabama (SEC) vs. Stanford (At-Large)

Orange Bowl: Florida State (ACC) vs. Notre Dame (At-Large)

Fiesta Bowl: Nebraska (At-Large) vs. West Virginia (Big East)

There are some interesting matchups here: Oregon’s fast break against Wisconsin’s beast of a run game, Luck against the best defense in the land, and an old school matchup of FSU and Notre Dame. Love it!


Heisman Trophy Favorites

  1. Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma
  2. Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford
  3. Denard Robinson, QB, Michigan
  4. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise St
  5. LaMichael James, RB, Oregon


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