Is there anything better than that feeling of anticipation and excitement before something truly awesome happens?  It’s all about the build-up and climax.  Well, folks, hang on to your hats and glasses, because our favorite wild ride begins anew tonight at Lambeau.  It’s football time, ladies and gentlemen.  Several outstanding matchups on the card this week, and the kickoff special is as good as it gets.


A fine way to start. Let's do this.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS at GREEN BAY PACKERS:  The NFL sure knows how to kick off a party, don’t they?  The past two Lombardi hoisters meeting at the home of its namesake.  Yes.  A thousand times yes.  I don’t know about you, but I started getting jittery for this one way back in May.  I’m excited about the debut of Mark Ingram.  I’m excited to see that re-tooled Saints defensive line (Aaron Rodgers has plenty on his plate this year in terms of devastating defensive lines, by the way).  I’m excited to see two teams that should emerge from the abbreviated offseason smoothly considering the stability each enjoys at so many key positions, not the least of which is quarterback. Speaking of which, Rodgers and Brees trading shots is going to be tremendous TV.  As is the Green Bay defense under the watchful eye of Dom Capers, playing gridiron roulette with Drew Brees and Sean Peyton.

In short, I like the Packers in this one, riding the wave of emotion sure to arise at home coming off the Super Bowl.  A Saints win certainly wouldn’t surprise me, and I expect them to come back with a vengeance from an uneven 2010.  But Green Bay is my Super Bowl pick for a second straight year, and there’s a reason.  They’ve just got a little more than everybody else.  A Jermichael Finley touchdown in the fourth seals it for the Pack.  PACKERS 27, SAINTS 24.


*Remaining games will be posted Friday morning.

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