Most of you are familiar with the Sick Links pages reachable via the menu bar above. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on those pages over the years, and decided the obvious extension was a daily link page.  We’re not going to be ultra-formal about it, and if you’re looking for constant updates about who dropped a pass at mini-camp, this is the wrong spot. These will be pieces we’ve actually read and that contributed to our enjoyment and/or understanding of the game in a significant way. We will no doubt miss plenty, but… we have limited time, you have limited time, and these are what stuck out.  Some will be a few days old, some will be timely, and some will be diamonds from some long-forgotten rough. Whatever. It’s the SICKNESS, baby. No need to quarrel over formalities. We’re here for the love of it.  Enjoy.

The great Matt Waldman offers up some thoughts on the Browns’ selection of Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft.

This isn’t really about football, but Dan Wetzel’s piece about Graham Spanier speaks to many of my feelings about the NCAA. An outstanding read.

The Fake Football’s Mike Braude on Maximizing Team Value. Food for your pre-fantasy-draft thought.

Michael Schottey’s Defensive Power Rankings at Bleacher/Report (Slideshow alert. This seems to offend some of you. They don’t bother me. This is the internet. This isn’t bowling. Do what’cha like, I always say. Actually, I got that from Digital Underground…but that’s not important right now.)

Oh, hey, look. Pro Football Focus published a really strong article. I guess it had  been like, 17 seconds since the last one. OH! Another one. This time it’s Austin Lee with another Age of Decline, this time RB‘s.

I know, I know. You already saw Greg Cosell’s Top 5 WR piece. But just in case.

Field Gulls’ Danny Kelly with another quality read, this one one the Seahawks and the Zone Blocking System (ZBS). Those guys in the Pacific Northwest have the football writing thing locked down.


A daily link spewage. The SICK LINKS.


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