SICK LINKS: July 30, 2012

What a great time to be a football fan. Camp coverage has never been so tight. If you’re not on Twitter, you need to get there ASAP. Here’s a solid handful from around the web this weekend.

The esteemed Russ Lande’s team for Matt Waldman’s RSP Writer’s Project.

The unfortunately-named Deuce over at Football Is Life with an outstanding offensive scheme overview.

How would you like to stare this down? As I tweeted when I saw it: I don’t envy NFL RB’s. Gotta be crazy tough, and I know my strengths.

And that’s a fine segue into Ryan Riddle’s insightful piece on the Chico Kid. Just a fantastic read.

The Pro Football Focus route efficiency series continued with Ben Stockwell’s examination of the go route. Chicks dig the long ball, they say.

Enjoyed this thoughtful perspective on the pending sale of the Cleveland Browns by Todd Porter for the Canton Repository.


Aw, shucks.

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