SICK LINKS: August 1, 2012

We’re going quality over quantity today. Some great football reading and a friendly reminder to get your Audio Sickness fix.

Andy Benoit’s fantastic analysis of the cornerback position is a fine debut for Football Outsiders.

Old school football is alive and well out west, if Greg Cosell’s breakdown of the NFC West is any indication.

This piece from Tom Gower on the Titans QB red zone performance for Total Titans is a month old, but still good reading, and useful in your Hasselbeck/Locker deliberations.

The esteemed Sam Monson on the art of evaluating offensive tackles, for Bleacher Report.

¬†Bleacher Report’s Ryan Riddle introduces you to 5 Undrafted NFL Free Agents You Absolutely Must Watch This Preseason.

And of course, don’t miss the FOOTBALL SICKNESS PODCAST: Back to Camp Edition.

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