Here is more than enough to satisfy your SICKNESS on this fine Wednesday.

You simply must click on Alen Dumonjic’s  outstanding analysis  of the Hasselbeck/Locker debate for  Goal Line Stand.

You should have the site bookmarked, but this Advanced NFL Stats piece (Brees, Rice, Forte…and Moneyball) is a good intro if you don’t.

Jared Counterman’s breakdown of the Honey Badger (who is Sickness Approved and will be discussed here regularly) for Draft Hub.

If you’re not regularly listening to The Solid Verbal, then you are blowing it.

The “gentlemen” of 2 Mugs Fantasy Football had a nice hourlong chat with Pat Daugherty of Rotoworld.

Smart Football’s Chris Brown makes the case for an improved San Francisco 49ers offense for Grantland.   topic on this week’s FOOTBALL SICKNESS PODCAST!)

Chris also has this stellar video breakdown of the Run and Shoot with these Mouse Davis cut-ups.

Will the Niners’ offense substantially improve? And if so, what does that mean for everyone else in the NFC?


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