COLLEGE SICKNESS: Things we learned in Week 5



After a quarter of the season, we’re starting to get some clarity. The national champ will come from the SEC or the Pac12. Florida State has an outside chance from the ACC, but strength of schedule may hurt them in the end. There are some wild offenses out there. New coaches are making a big impact across the country as well. What else did we learn this week?

Defense is treated like leprosy in the Big 12..

Offense, on the other hand, is alive and well in the Big 12. Oklahoma St, Baylor, and West Virgina are ranked 1-2-3 in the country…

We figured Geno Smith would put up 40+ touchdowns this year, but he almost did it all in one game..

Alabama’s defense has no peer, giving up just 7 points a game…

The Pac 12 is the 2nd best conference right now, with half of the conference ranked..

Ohio State is the best team in the Big 10 which isn’t saying much…

There will not be any BCS busting this year…

Logan Thomas and Virginia Tech are this season’s  biggest disappointment…

LSU needs to find some offense before they arrive at the Swamp on Saturday…

Georgia gave up 44 to Tennessee. They’ll need to be MUCH better when they see South Carolina this weekend…

As far as top performances from this past weekend…



Geno Smith. First of all, shame on those who tried to hide this game on FX Saturday morning. This was a shootout from the get go, and Geno was ready for it. His numbers so far this year are astounding. He threw 8 TDs (more than his incomplete passes,6) against Baylor’s sad excuse for a defense. To this point he’s thrown 20 touchdowns against 0 picks. There’s some serious hardware in his future.

Johnny Manziel. If you don’t already know this name, you’re slippin’. He was on his game versus that Arkansas defense. 453 yards passing and 104 yards rushing for 5 touchdowns. As a redshirt freshman, he’s showing no signs of shrinking from the moment in the SEC. Coach Sumlin has to get a lot of credit for bringing this kid along.

Kenjon Barner. He had his “remember me” moment this weekend. With all the hype surrounding his backfield mate, DeAnthony Thomas, Barner has been a bit overlooked. He shouldn’t be anymore after running through the Cougars’ defense for 195 yards and reaching the paint 3 more times. He’s more explosive than a Malatov Cocktail. This Oregon team is something else.



1. Alabama (5-0) Can anybody score on this defense?

2. Oregon (5-0) Actually had to play a full game this week. Rivalry game vs UW next

3. FSU (5-0) Back to the old days. Speed on offense. Kill the QB on defense.

4. LSU (5-0) Winning with no offense can only work for so long

5. South Carolina (5-0) Lattimore is rounding into form

6. Georgia (5-0) Andy Murray better be ready. Jadeveon is coming

7. WVU (4-0) 70 points was only good enough to win by 7?

8. Notre Dame (4-0) With this defense they can do big things

9. Kansas St (4-0) Bring on the Jayhawks

10. Florida (4-0) Big test this weekend versus LSU. Can Driskel keep it up?


Heisman Hopefuls

1. Geno Smith

2. Braxton Miller

3.  E.J. Manuel

4. Marquise Lee

5. Matt Barkley






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