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The FOOTBALL SICKNESS PODCAST, Episode 205: Sick Picks 10/8/2015

Another week is upon us, and Burns and Sen Dog are ready to push the re-set after a rough week. Lots of good college fare and the whole slate of NFL games picked here. GET YOUR HELMET ON!

The FOOTBALL SICKNESS PODCAST, Episode 204: Taking L’s

It was a rough weekend for the boys, who went a collective 0-4,822,739 this weekend. But it’s only a month in, and it’s time to scrape yourself up and get back at it next week. Some teams, unfortunately, have to meet the D-U-N stamp as we enter October. Is yours on the list? The weekly Sickness 5 & Sickness Approved lists, some nonsense, and more. GET YOUR HELMET ON!!

The BROWNS NOTE PODCAST, Episode 27: 2015 Week 4

Coming off a bad-taste-leaving loss to the Oakland Raiders at home, the Browns travel across country to San Diego, where a battered Chargers team coming off two straight losses awaits. Special guest Pete Smith joins Ryan Burns to break it all down in advance of the trip out west. GO BROWNS!!

The FOOTBALL SICKNESS PODCAST: Sick Picks, 9/25/2015

Burns and Sen Dog pick the best of this week’s college games and the whole NFL slate.

The FOOTBALL SICKNESS PODCAST, Episode 202: Happy Birthday, Sen Dog!!

Our very own Sen Sogah joins Ryan Burns among the ranks of the shockingly-old-to-be-on-twitter crowd, as a newly-minted 40-year old. Wish him a happy one @eastcoastdog, and have a listen to the festivities as the fellas break down the events of the weekend. Chip and Johnny are obviously up for discussion at this point, but there’s plenty to go around. College and the NFL, we’re doing it all. Happy Birthday, Sen Dog…GET YOUR HELMET ON!!!

The BROWNS NOTE PODCAST, Episode 25: 2015 Week 2

After what can only be described as an inauspicious beginning, the Browns come home to welcome the hot rookie QB who torched the Bucs in week 1.  CAN THERE BE ANY HOPE??  Duh. Look, it went poorly last week, there’s no way around that. But there were some good things too, and it might not have been quite as total a disaster as you imagined. But the ship needs to be righted, and pronto. Join Ryan Burns and Brendan Leister to discuss what happened and what needs to happen. Bring your own dog biscuits.  WOOF!!

The BROWNS NOTE PODCAST, Episode 24: 2015 Season Preview/Week 1 vs. NYJ

Join Ryan Burns and Brendan Leister as they preview the Browns 2015 season, and stick around to hear Ryan & Jeff Capellini preview the week 1 tilt with the Jets.



At long last, our national winter ends. The NFL is back this week with authority, as the entire slate of matchups looks as delicious as the giant BBQ spread that will exist at both Sickness HQ and Sickness North come Sunday morning. Join Ryan Burns and Sen Sogah for their weekly picks, some college football notes & picks, and the usual tomfoolery. But remember, safety first. So GET YOUR HELMET ON!!!



We’re just a few short weeks away from the start of the real football season.  For now, per annual ritual, the fake stuff will suffice in short bursts, and there’s more than enough to talk about when it comes to the game we all love.  Some of it is less than pleasant, of course (*glances at Waco, TX*), but that’s life.  Fortunately, the bulk of our football discussion remains as ever: speed, physicality, intellectual challenge, perseverance.  Join Ryan Burns and Sen Sogah for all of the above and more in Episode 196 of the FOOTBALL SICKNESS PODCAST.  GET YOUR HELMET ON!!!

The FOOTBALL SICKNESS PODCAST, Regular Season Episode 4

We’re a quarter of the way through the NFL season already, college ball is in full conference-play swing, and unless you’re a total disaster, your fantasy squad is still alive and kicking. Join Ryan Burns and Sen Sogah on the FOOTBALL SICKNESS PODCAST to talk about all of it. We’ll run through the past weekend’s games, look ahead to some killer matchups in the weekend ahead, cobble together some quarterly-report thoughts and even announce a big trade we consummated in our home league. Gridiron fun for all. Have a click and a listen, and GET YOUR HELMET ON!!!

Click HERE for the FOOTBALL SICKNESS PODCAST, Regular Season Episode 4